Bjorn and Allie- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

Its a pretty well known fact that these cold winter months are typically a lot slower for photographers. We run a marathon it feels like March-November, but then get a couple months where it is just too cold and dreary to be outside. Since I’m not shooting as much as I typically would, I was SO excited for Bjorn and Allie’s engagement pictures! Not shooting for a week or two can feel like so long when i’m used to multiple sessions each week, and I was just dying to get a fun couple in front of my camera and do what I love (photographers out there, can i get an amen?!) Bjorn and Allie were willing to brave the cold for a January engagement session, and to everyones delight ended up with a gorgeous 60 DEGREE day! in january! welcome to virginia, where its in the 60’s one day and snowing the next! :) After sitting and talking with Bjorn and Allie during their initial consultation I knew within about 5 minutes that they were a couple I was excited to get to know better, and I’m already so excited for their July wedding! 2012 is going to be a good year, friends :) Get excited!

Bjorn and Allie, thank you for being so wonderful and making my job so darn easy. Can’t wait to see you both again soon! :)  Bjorn said he saved all his best jokes for their session so he could make Allie laugh.. mission accomplished :) perfect morning light: Anyone else look at this picture and instantly think how completely GORGEOUS their kids are going to be?! no? just me? :)
hands down my favorite, i love everything about this next image: Bjorn is a football coach so we wanted to incorporate that in their session some.. buuut i’m pretty sure that tactic on the left is just plain unfair ;)then we headed over to the downtown part of Leesburg for a few more shots. I love all the different textures you can find in a little town like this! LOVE: Okay, I know I said that other black and white one earlier was my favorite.. but this one definitely comes in a VERY close second place: 
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Christi says:

    These are all fabulous!! Beautiful couple too!!

  2. Jo Ann Gregg says:

    Beautiful pictures !!!

  3. Kayla Strasser says:

    I am so excited for you both! The pictures are awesome and you all look so happy. Can’t wait for the Big Day!

  4. Amy Miller says:

    Great pictures! Congrats!

  5. Amanda says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Erin Pearson says:

    Love the pictures!

  7. judy dicken says:

    Beutiful pictures.

  8. Bob ritchie says:

    Nice photos bro…y’all make an attractive couple

  9. Betty Coen says:

    I loved all the photos of Bjorn and Allie Congratulations you two!

  10. Judy Morgan says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  11. Leeanne Sciolto says:

    Wow – these pictures are great! You two look so happy, natural, and relaxed. i especially love the football pics and the ones with the chalkboard. A cute couple indeed – and yes Bjorn, looks like you are marrying up :-)

  12. Teresa Boyer says:

    Congrats! The pictures are very beautiful and great photography!

  13. susan alkire says:

    I do not know either person, except the bride is the step-daughter to my husband’ cousin. The photographer caputure the true eccesnce of the bride and groom. They are truely in love and you showed that. The most clear and preciece pitcures I have seen in a long time. Congratulations to the soon to be Mr.and Mrs. and may you be happy ever after, as you are in these photos.

  14. Angie says:

    The pictures are beautiful! What can you expect from a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  15. Regina Grubb says:

    Fantastic pictures! Very natural….gorgeous.

  16. Congradulations Allie!!! These are very beautiful!!! Wish you and Bjorn all the best!!!!

  17. Betty Walker says:

    These are just too beautiful for words, Allie you look beautiful in every picture, and such a handsome groom. I loved every one of the pictures, there are NONE are not just perfect in every way, Great work by your Photographer.

    Bye the way Congratulations on your forth coming marriage, wish you every happiness.


  18. Sandra Adkins says:

    LOVE the pictures – such beautiful shots!

  19. Mike (flag football) says:

    Great photos. Congratulations!!!!!!! your wife probally catches better than you B!!

  20. Kitty Church says:

    Love, love, love these photo’s these kids look so happy together!

  21. Suzy Blake says:

    Love the pics!! You guys are soooo cute!! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics- I’m sure they will be beautiful. :)

  22. Brian H says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! the last one is my favorite. CONGRATS B&A!!!

  23. Jeff Eakin says:

    Awesome pictures…love u roomie’s can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  24. Vicki L Krause says:

    Congratulations beautiful photos!!

  25. Chris Gagne says:

    Congratulations, the two of you look very happy. I hope you have a long, loving life together, filled with laughs and fun.

  26. Megan Keyser says:

    Your pictures turned out great! Allie, you look amazing!! You too Bjorn :)Can’t wait to share your special day with you!

  27. Tricia says:

    These pictures are in incredible!! I am so excited for both of you! Love and miss you guys.. cant wait until July!!!

  28. Theresa says:

    Congrats Allie and Bjorn!

    Jessica snapped some GREAT pictures!!

  29. Bernie Tobey says:

    Really romantic! It’s all about the eyes. And the smiles.

  30. Bobby says:

    Great photos!

  31. Gene Nutter says:

    I am very happy for you both and the pictures are great.

  32. Adam Schall says:

    Awesome photos, they all look great! Congrats Bjorn and Allie!

  33. Pat Nuttet says:

    Beautiful pictures.I know you are as happy as you look in the pictures and it makes me really happy.

  34. Holley Schall says:

    Great pictures!! Cant wait for the wedding! :)

  35. Jesse says:

    Good looking couple! Bjorn you look even more handsome than you already were.

  36. Kay Spinks says:

    What an awesome couple. Bjorn you look so very happy and your bride to be in beautiful. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your pictures…all of them are beautiful.

  37. Mindi-Jo Bonar says:

    Beautiful couple & pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding what a great way to start with an awesome photographer!

  38. Allie says:

    Thank you so much, Jessica! These pictures turned out great…I can’t wait to see the rest. :)

  39. Penny Nutter says:

    Beautiful and amazing! Love, love, love all of the pics!

  40. Bjorn Tobey says:

    Thanks for everything Jessica! Amazing Photos!

  41. Roxanne says:

    Beautiful photos Bjorn! Congratulations.

  42. Liz says:

    These look great! Congrats to Bjorn and his bride to be!

  43. Joshua Gravis says:

    Thank you for sharing your joy with us, Bjorn ~ you are certainly “marrying up!”

  44. I really love these pictures. Bjorn and Allie are a really beautiful couple, very photogenic. Best of wishes to my friends Bjorn and Allie. (Allie is my nieces step-daughter)
    Jessica, you are a wonderful photographer.

  45. Dorothea O'Connell says:

    There are some gorgeous shots here! Congrats!

  46. Andrea says:

    What beautiful pictures!! You both look so happy and in love! :) Congratulations!

  47. Danny Lauro says:

    Wow, amazing photos! Extremely beautiful!

  48. Natalie Shull says:

    Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous pictures!

  49. Derek Person says:

    Very nice pics, I’m really happy for you guys. I’m a big fan of Black and White photos. You guys look so happy, and Yes B’s corny jokes would make anyone laugh.

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