March’s 10 Things

So I was kindly reminded the other day by a friend that I had yet to do my “10 things” post for this month.. in all honesty I had completely forgotten! Glad you guys keep up with my blog moreso than I do apparently! :) So while it is a little late, here are my 10 things you may not know about me for this month! You can go back and see January’s and February’s too!

 1) I always set my alarm for at least 30 minutes earlier than I actually need to get up. I’m not a morning person and find it almost impossible to immediately jump out of bed as soon as I wake up.

2) Few shows make me laugh consistently as much as Friends, or most recently Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Holy hilarity.

3) If I could see any concert ever, it would be Steven Tyler. Is he my favorite musician? Nope, but I think he is so talented and an incredible performer. He and Carrie Underwood did a Crossroads concert for CMT and that would be my dream concert to attend.. or join in on ;) 

4) Even though my love languages are quality time, followed closely by words of affirmation and physical touch, i’ve learned that I tend to SHOW love more with acts of service and gifts. Anyone else find that they give and receive love in different ways?

5) I love to cook and have a goal to try at least one new recipe each month. So far so good for 2012!

6) My first AIM screen name was “mgicalmadrigal”, and yes, you can absolutely make fun of that.

7) When I’ve had a bad day, I mostly just want to be around kids. When you’re around little guys you can’t focus on yourself or your bad day, it has to be all about them. and speaking of, this new little friend has very quickly become one of my favorite people to be around and can bring a smile to my face in about .3 seconds.. isn’t she precious?! :)

8) Given the choice between going to a movie, a concert, or a broadway show, I’d opt for the broadway show 99% of the time (except if we’re talking about Steven Tyler, obviously ;) There is something so incredible to me about the singing/dancing/acting live and how amazing everything comes together. I’ve loved almost every single show I’ve ever seen.

9) I think  foul language is one of the biggest turn offs.

10) Ipod shuffle is an interesting and potentially dangerous game to play.. last time I put it on shuffle within the first 10 songs we came across Jim Brickman’s Disney collection, the soundtrack to Spring Awakening, Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, the cast of Glee, and Tyler Ward… and yet surprisingly I’m not ashamed :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! :)

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  3. evelyn says:

    hahhaa i had both yours and jill’s sn’s on my old aim spotsyhockey30…….aim, the good ole days

  4. […] little friend seemed so much more appropriate for an Easter post :) You first saw Shelby in the last round of “10 things” i posted last month, but now she gets her own post! I’ve gotten to know and love Shelby and […]

  5. mom says:

    I also love the “10 things” posts! If you ever want to try out a new recipe on me I’m more than happy to give it a go! By the way, that’s a very cute friend you have there! Who took those wonderful pictures of you? You look amazing!

  6. Anna says:

    She loves to make you smile ;) i do love the middle picture, those broken sunglasses look so modern like the thick frames everyone is wearing ;)

  7. Jill Powers says:

    Love these posts! And no worries, my first AIM name was “TGirl1000″…yah…realllll cool Jill!

  8. Ant Lis says:

    Always love the “ten things”! Also, beautiful photos of you, Jess, so bright and graphic. You look marvelous!

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