Brian and Ashley: Part 1 – Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Well you know its gonna be good when you see “part 1” in the title! After going through all of my most favorite images from Ashley and Brian’s wedding day this past weekend I knew there was no way I could fit them all into one blog post, so you get part 1 today and part 2 on Friday! :) Back when I first met with Brian and Ashley they explained that their wedding day would flow a little different than most, as there was going to be a 4.5 hour gap between the end of the ceremony and the start of the cocktail hour. I very quickly reassured them that this was definitely NOT a bad thing, that they would be able to relax and enjoy their day SO much more, and that all of their guests would have plenty to do and see around DC for a few hours! Now after being with them all day, I secretly wish every couple had a gap like that in their timeline! So often I see couples just have to rush through their day, and they don’t have time to take a breath, much less enjoy any down time with their wedding party or guests. Ashley and Brian not only had plenty of time to get all of the photos they wanted (and then some!), but they had the whole afternoon to spend with their wedding party driving around DC, they had almost an hour of downtime before the reception started to freshen up and take a breather, and they got to spend the entire cocktail hour with their guests! They didn’t have to rush anywhere they went, but got to actually ENJOY their day and celebrate with the people nearest and dearest to them… just the way a wedding day should be spent! :)

Ashley and Brian, thank you so much for including me in your day and welcoming me more as a friend than just another vendor; it was an honor to say the least! Hope you’re viewing these pictures over some yummy italian pizza, wine, and gelato! :) One of my favorite moments of the wedding day is when the bride first steps into her dress.. i think thats when everything sinks in and becomes real! :) love this one of Ash and her mom :) you can tell what a close relationship they have! it might sound strange, but these are some of my favorite photos of Ashley from the entire day. I love the light and the detail of the veil; she is just such a classic bride! Once the girls headed to the church, i met up with the guys who were getting the party started off right! :) No bartender could be found, but Brian was more than capable ;) love this next shot of Brian.. looking quite handsome, sir! :)
time to get hitched! I love how calm and happy Brian is right in this moment :) secrets secrets!I love watching guys get accustom to the new ring on their finger :) I feel like girls are used to wearing rings, but for most guys this is the first time they’ve ever worn one! married! :) I have been finding recently that my job goes SO much farther beyond just the photographer and I absolutely love that! It is not uncommon for me to be the one to fit the veil, bustle the dress, help with the timeline, pin the boutonnieres, or even help the bride to the bathroom with her huge dress. I love that I’m able to help in those moments, and that my clients trust me to do more than just take pretty pictures. So this next image is one of my favorites; as I was positioning Ashley’s veil I gave Brian my camera to hold, and he decided to steal my job for the moment! :) This is just a very typical ‘behind the scenes’ shot of part of my job on the wedding day… thanks for the picture Brian ;) with the veil in place we grabbed a few quick shots outside of the church before we headed into DC! this one reminds me of one of my favorite pictures from their engagement session last month! I love when it works out for me to ride in the limo with the wedding party! :) another favorite to end part 1:

Make sure you check back on Friday for part 2 and their slideshow! :) Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Natalie says:

    WOW! Jessie you’re fabulous! I can’t pick just one favorite (but it might be “the dip”!)We had so much fun working with you – and it really shows in all the photos! Can’t wait til Friday to see more.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite is the one where he is dipping her — just breath taking….beautiful shot all around!! Cannot wait for part II.

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