cartoon sunday

I know what you’re probably thinking, wasn’t it just Wacky Sunday? What happened to the concept of dressing in your “Sunday Best”? Well here at K.G.B (kids going bananas!) we do things a little differently, and yesterday your ‘sunday best’ included things like hair dye, face paint, and Fred Flintstone feet! I’ve already been told that this summer will consist of themed weeks almost every week, so I have a feeling you will be seeing these little faces quite often. I’m thinking that bringing my camera and taking photos should be enough to exempt me from the “pie your leader” sunday that i’ve been warned is coming up, right?? :)

I’ve had multiple conversations recently around the concept of kids church or what Sunday School was like for different people, and each one of them after hearing about what we do at Community Church have all expressed that if they had been able to attend a program like that instead of the one they were made to go to growing up, they might have a very different outlook on church at this point in their lives. On Sundays at my church we are loud. REALLY loud. We play basket ball and video games (yes, at church!). We run around. We have real conversations in small groups. We pray together. We sing and dance in worship.  We dress up as our favorite cartoon character. We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every week. Kids show up excited to be here, which is more than I ever experienced growing up, and I’m thankful I get to see it every Sunday. By all means, remember?

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday, including one of our awesome new stage set up!!
I’ve said it before, but I think seeing these kids praise their God every week is the best example i’ve ever seen of what authentic worship looks like. Since I help lead worship, the next handful of pictures were taken by Joseph who is the Elementary Director at church and preaches in K.G.B. every week. but apparently if that ever fails him, he could have a backup career as a photographer :) i was pretty impressed flipping through the images he took, especially this first one here of Lynnsey who is the worship leader in K.G.B.:  Here are the 1st service finalists: our 2nd service contestants: Snoopy and Mario crossing their fingers they win the Toys R Us gift card, while Minnie Mouse doesn’t seem to care too much :) the 2nd service winners, Fred and Pebbles Flintstone, and Tom from Tom and Jerry! and last but not least, Bullwinkle took the prize for the 3rd service crowd: although i think Joseph and our students pastor Jeff deserve some kind or prize themselves for wearing those glued on mustaches all day long :) 
Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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  3. Grandma says:

    This looks like the best place to spend your Sundays. xoxoxo

  4. mel avjean says:

    love, love, love! That is awesome! The kids must love coming to church!

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