sunshine, mozzarella, and 2,000 year old arches

It has been sunny and 70 degrees the past two days, with the occasional light breeze gracing us with its presence. There has been bread (and lots of it!) complete with mozzarella and prosciutto, pizza, desserts (though one was not so pleasant and may have drawn a few tears from Katie), and wine. lots and lots of wine. There have been paintings and sculptures to learn about and incredible 2,000 year old structures to stand in awe of. Laughter and fun conversations, oh and a few home videos along the way.. definitely can’t forget those :) and its just going to get better since tomorrow we head to Tuscany for the next 5 days!  its a happy world to live in :) Here are a few quick snapshots from the day for any inquiring minds:

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  1. Anna says:

    Since my sister will be in Italy in a few weeks I thought I would show her some pics, Shelby yelled “JESSIE!!!!” and pointed to you ;) thought I would share :) enjoy your last couple days!

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