Montalcino Winery Tours

Even though I’m not a wine drinker, this was definitely one of my favorite days we spent in Montalcino during our trip. Seeing all of the big tourist stops and busy cities is great, but I much prefer the small town, more authentic feel. Since Montalcino is known for its wine, we spent one entire day going around and touring some of the nicest wineries in the town and I couldn’t get enough of all of the incredible homes and landscapes, aaaand I’m pretty sure I learned more about wine in one afternoon than most people in their entire lives! It was so interesting to hear how some of these families had been on the property producing wine for well over 100 years.  Wine is very much a way of life over there, much moreso than just a job. I have way more pictures from this day than any other, so this post is going to be a little bit longer than most, but you don’t mind, right?? :) Happy viewing, friends!

We had a perfect day for it, these first two were taken on the property where we were stayingI really couldn’t click the shutter fast enough! every direction you turned was breathtaking! So we’re pulling up to winery #2 and Katie says “wait, was that a WOLF?!” and my mom says “no!” and the driver says “YES!” aaand then there were 6 wolves. kept as pets on this property. needless to say, we stayed on the OTHER side of the fence! lots and LOTS of wine:this might have been my favorite stop though; Alessandro (the wonderful man who drove us around for the week and scheduled all of our reservations) knew I’d appreciate seeing this church in Montalcino. After doing some research, I learned that it was originally built in 817 AD and is the first record of anything established in Montalcino, and it was renovated in the 1700’s and is still standing and being used today! It was gorgeous! SO gorgeous in fact, that I made Katie put her dress on and go back to it that evening for some bridal portraits around the property! I cannot WAIT to share that post with you, but for now, check out how cool this church is! I literally just did a 180 turn from where I was standing to take the photo above, and this is what sits directly across from the church:loved all the red poppies that showed up everywhere! winery #3!One other morning we were able to go to biondi-santi, which was by far the most beautiful home and winery we saw! 
c’est magnifique :)

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  1. Katie Covert says:

    AH! Let’s go back! And may I please get the pictures of us to post all over my walls and office?! Love you friend!

  2. Ant Lis says:

    Thank you for sharing Italy with us, Jessie. These photos are so gorgeous, the beauty of the countryside is almost too pretty to bear! So glad you had the chance to go back. Hope Italy is still there when I am able to go. Love you!

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