Matt and Jen: First Anniversary! – Leesburg VA Photographer

Remember this fun couple from last April? Well I was thrilled beyond thrilled to see them again and help them celebrate their first wedding anniversary! Jen had emailed me and explained that celebrating their anniversary every year was something that she and Matt had talked about and decided they wanted to really take time for every year. We had originally talked about doing portraits ON their actual anniversary, but due to a few different things that didn’t work out. Matt thought that the whole idea of doing anniversary pictures had been pushed back until next year, so when he got in the car with Jen last Friday and she told him they were going up to Northern Virginia “just to get out of Richmond and go somewhere new to celebrate!” he didn’t question anything. His reaction when he saw get out of my car was PERFECT! He was completely surprised and so excited! Jen had managed to coordinate absolutely everything from the date, location, time, outfits, and even convincing him to shave without giving anything away.. sneaky sneaky! :) Matt and Jen are complete naturals in front of the camera and make my job so darn easy! Yes, it is safe to say that marriage looks SO good on these two! Matt and Jen, thank you again for letting me be the one to celebrate with you and trusting me with these precious memories.. so much love for you both! :) maybe its because they look so natural and relaxed in this next image, but there’s something about it I really love :) love love LOVE these next two… why do I feel like moments like these next two happen on a daily basis with them?! ;) yep, they’re a fun pair :) Even though he didn’t know they were there for pictures originally, as soon as we started Matt mentioned the big field he saw driving in and how he had made a mental note about how cool it would be to take photos out there :) done and done! pockets are fun :) are you kidding me?! LOVE this! Jen you are stunning! :) 
Hope you all had a great long weekend! :) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Matt Sinclair says:

    Jessie, you are amazing! Thank you so much for contributing to the surprise! These pictures really do tell the story of our love!

  2. Jen says:

    Ahahahaha, Jessie!!! These make my heart smile! :):) Thank you SO much – again – for “seeing” us so well! <3

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