Chris and Claudia- Whitehall Manor Wedding Photographer

A couple weeks ago in my Discipleship 101 course at church we talked about the meaning of a sacrament, and the different things described as a one throughout scripture. Marriage is one of the few things that we find listed as a sacrament, or a holy action. A HOLY action. Something that is designed to impart life and blessing directly from God to us. As I stood there and watched Chris and Claudia make a precious covenant with God and each other, that definition is what was running through my mind. That this day, this marriage, was designed to be a blessing and a source of life directly from God. What a precious gift that Chris and Claudia have been called into! Their relationship started with serving God overseas and their common thread since then has been their love for Him and for His people, and when God brings two people together in that way, you can only expect incredible things to happen. Their wedding day was joy FILLED from start to finish, and I’m so SO honored I got to be a small part of it! Chris and Claudia, I couldn’t adore you both any more! I’m so excited for your future and whats in store, aaaaand please consider this my formal request that you come back to this area when you decide to have babies, okay? okay good :) Congratulations again!!
They have two set of important rings, the ones on the right are their traditional wedding bands, and the ones on the left are their wooden wedding bands that they got as a promise to God that they would continue to serve overseas. love that moment when the dress is on for the first time! so exciting! she looked so stunning that we all literally just stood around admiring her for a few minutes :) can ya blame us?! ;) most gorgeous bridesmaids ever? umm heck yes! LOVE their shoes! they made them themselves! aren’t they so fun?!ooh my gracious. Claudia you are absolutely stunning my friend!! and man is she a natural in front of the camera! seriously could have done bridal portraits of her all day :) oh. my. GOSH. stooooop. just stop. her smile! her dimples! her eyes! is she not the most gorgeous bride you’ve ever seen?!? aaand this is when i started jumping up and down, and then we both started tearing up. glad it resulted in smiles and such cute pictures ;) and I have to say, Chris was looking QUITE dapper himself! i LOVED the guys gray suits! lookin sharp gentlemen! love this moment: Claudia and Chris both held it together so well, until the entire congregation starting singing a worship song, and it was so evident that the Holy Spirit was right there, and i can’t say I blame Claudia for being joyfully overwhelmed in that moment: taking communion together: married!!! go ahead and try to find a more joyful couple… i dare ya! :) my favorites:
i saw this little weeping willow tree out of the corner of my eye during the ceremony and knew it would be a good spot for some of their portraits, and i love how these turned out! showing off the new bling! :) a little disclaimer, no dresses were harmed in the making of these next few photos: gosh these two make me smile! :) and then it was party time!! you could plant your place card in one of these little posts, one of the coolest favors i’ve seen! awesome end to their first dance:
we snuck out for a few minutes for some sunset portraits and i’m so glad we did!  Congratulations again! Hope you’re having the best time on your honeymoon! Here’s your slideshow: 

Happy Friday!!

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  4. Filip Loncke says:

    Absolutely fantastic! A joy to look at these pictures – they all radiate the intense happiness of the bride, the groom, and all the family and friends. A great moment – thank you for sharing!

  5. Claudia Serrano says:

    Jessie, The pictures are absolutely amazing! Every single one of them captures the joy of that day. I want to print all of them and cover our apartment walls with them ;) (I might)

  6. Clara Patricia Uribe says:

    JUST AMAZING !!!! I’m from Colombia, all yhe pictures are great, Claudia is a Beautifull bride.


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