Meet Thea- Vienna VA Baby Photographer

I know I’ve said it before, but six months is probably my absolute favorite age to photograph! So when Kevin and Lindsey were given a gift certificate for a portrait session from their good friend Carolyn I recommended they wait and use it when Thea was around 6 months old, and this past week we were finally able to meet up for their session! Thea is the happiest baby! She’s got the most gorgeous big blue eyes, and when she’s really happy she has the most adorable little squinty face smile you’ve ever seen! I love how curious and expressive they are at this age, and Thea wanted to see anything and everything around her.. and if she could reach it and put it her mouth, even better! ;) Thea completes Kevin and Lindsey’s little family in the best way possible, and I loved seeing them so smitten with their girl. Thank you both for sharing her with me for a couple hours! Hope to see you three again soon! :)

be still my heart. how adorable is Thea’s bonnet?! favorite #1 of 2 from our session.. LOVE this image! this would need to be a big canvas in my house if she were mine :)
baby toes are the best ;)
love these two of Thea and her mama: she was too busy talking to dad to be bothered with photos ;) favorite #2.. this is one of those photos that just makes me stop and stare for a minute. It is the perfect example of “my style” when it comes to photography and the sort of image that just makes me so happy! LOVE her expression :) why do i feel like this could make an appearance during her teenage years… ;) look at those little teeth! so sweet :) and a little sneak peek at some christmas photos! :) love the NOEL letters, and how precious is Thea in her tutu?! so sweet!! 
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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