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There are some sweet familiar faces back on the blog today! Back in January you met baby Lucas during his newborn session, and if you’ve been around this blog long enough you will remember Jacob and Anela from me photographing her whole first year! Go back and pull up that first year post for Anela before you scroll down, it is SO CRAZY to me how fast these kiddos have grown! I’ve been photographing the Shaw family since I first started this business, and getting to see the same families year after year is one of my favorite parts of this job. Josh booked this session as a surprise for Terresa’s birthday, and since Terresa is always the one behind the camera getting great photos of the rest of her family, I wanted to make sure that we got lots of images of her with her babies. Its so important for a mama to have good pictures with her kiddos, especially a mama who loves photography as much as Terresa does! I don’t get to see the Shaw’s nearly as often as I’d like to, so I’m really thankful I was able to go spend some time catching up with their family last week! You guys are the best, and lets hope its not another 9 months before I’m back down there again! happy viewing, friends! :)

I love love LOVE Anela’s curls! they match her sweet, spunky personality so perfectly :) when we were thinking of places for this session, Terresa remember that some of their friends have a gorgeous back yard with a rope swing and a dock that the kids love. Since the goal of the session is to make sure they have a fun time, I was totally on board as soon as she mentioned it… rope swing for the win! :) Lucas will be fighting for his turn on the swing before we know it.. but for now he was content to watch and snuggle with his mama :)
love his little smirk :)a favorite… love the expressions on the kids faces! believe it or not, it was RAINING during this shot! i could see the rain drops, but the sunlight was so gorgeous and the rain was so light that we didn’t let it phase us: a boy on the move…possibly my very favorite shot from my time with them :) Terresa explained how the main thing she wanted to capture during this session was joy. She felt like that was the word for this season in their lives, taking joy in the little things the kids do and say. I’d say they look like a pretty joyful family, wouldn’t you? :)look at the determination on his face! as soon as they brought out the fishing pole and tackle box Jacob had such a look of pride and determination on his face :) ooooh Anela Mae, how I LOVE all of your different facial expressions… ;) they decided to bring along a special treat for the kids, ice cream cones… with sprinkles!! this was Lucas’ first ice cream cone ever, and while he absolutely LOVED it, it did take him a few minutes to get used to the COLD! :) ice cream overload! Jacob and Anela are so wonderful with their baby brother! … someone took away his ice cream cone before he was finished. Don’t worry Lucas, that is exactly how I’d feel if someone took away my ice cream before I was done too. so thankful for the two of you :)
Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :)

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  3. Ryan Shaughnessy says:

    Shaws! You guys are so great! I love all of the ice cream shots :)

  4. Anna says:

    I love the one of the kids not facing the camera holding hands. It is beautiful :) Great job Jessie!

  5. LOVE THESE!!!!!! SO beautiful Jess!

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