Kamdyn: 9 Months – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

Kamdyn should win some sort of award for this session. For it being the beginning of November, it was FREEZING outside. I know her little fingers must have been so cold but she was ALL smiles! She was so happy and content and just dished out smiles from start to finish! She was perfectly happy to snuggle with mom and dad and play in the leaves. Kamdyn was cracking me up with all of her different expressions and sweet faces she would make, and I love that I was able to catch so many different ones :) Can’t believe the next time I see you guys she will be ONE! So crazy! Enjoy some of my favorite fall photos, happy viewing, friends!

We did their session at Morven Park and the storm had taken all of the leaves off of all the trees, EXCEPT THIS ONE! I think God knew we were coming and needed a good fall tree for their photos so He saved just one for us :) love her little scrunchy nose smile! one of my favorites :) can’t get enough of her smile! ahhh the many faces of Kamdyn :)
happy baby :)love this one of Melanie and Kamdyn! she wasn’t sure about those leaves at first, but about 2 seconds after they were thrown she figured out it was pretty hilarious :) love her little hat! her bunny was all that was needed to get a big smile out of this girl: 
Happy Wednesday!

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