The Conta + Zadrozny Families- Manassas Battlefield Family Photographer

Tis the season for family pictures, and this time you get TWO families in one post! Molly and Amanda are sisters and decided to combine both their family sessions into one! I grew up with two cousins right around my age and I always loved that we were so close even though we never lived in the same area, so I can’t imagine what a fun gift it is for these two families to live so close and let their kids grow up together! I would give anything to live within 30 minutes of my cousins! Since I knew we would have a LOT more to accomplish in a shorter period of time, Joseph agreed to come help me out with this session and once again took so many great photos! I’ve always encouraged my clients that having a 2nd photographer is a great investment, but this was one of my first times having a 2nd shooter for a family portrait session (typically they just come to weddings) and i LOVE having the variety of images so much that I’m thinking about adding it as an option for future family sessions! More photos is never a bad thing, right?? :) Happy viewing, friends!

This little one is Josephine, and she was such a ham for the camera! Made my job super easy :) She even dished out a hug or two for me before the session was over! :)
Love those bright blue eyes! The image on the left is mine, and Joseph took the one on the right: While I was getting the shot from the front, Joseph grabbed this one from behind: love the pretty landscape that Manassas Battlefield Park provided: I always encourage parents to let their kids bring their favorite things.. books, toys, stuffed animals… i don’t know about you but i think this little lion is a pretty cute addition :) another one of Joseph’s images, and definitely one of my favorites from their session: Josephine has mastered the little “mwah!” sound affect when she gives kisses :) another favorite :) this is one of the best examples of why having a 2nd shooter rocks… the same second that I snapped THIS photo:Joseph was taking this… I think his view wins :) look at  her little puckered lips!! again the shot on the left Joseph took, and mine is on the right: Molly and Craig used this blanket in their engagement session and I love that they pulled it back out for these family pictures! how many kids can you pile into an old Radio Flyer?? :) another one of Joseph’s: Meet Teddy, Peter, and Annie! How sweet is Teddy’s smile in this next one?! :)
LOVE this shot that Joseph took of Peter:
my favorite shot of their family :) meanwhile Joseph grabbed these next two from the side: Annie was such a trooper and missed her nap for this session, so she needed lots of good cuddle time with her dad :) these next two images are both Joseph’s: sometimes a hug from mama makes everything better :) how cute is Teddy’s little puppy? the image on the left is Joseph’s while I was taking the one on the right: 
Happy Wednesday! :)

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