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One of my favorite things to pin over on my pinterest boards are fun wall display ideas! I love seeing how different people take their images and show them off in their homes, so I have an entire board dedicated to different ideas that I think work well! Personally, I’m a canvas girl 100%. I think they are the BEST way to show off your most favorite images, and to me they just look more like a piece of ART than a framed photo. Professional quality images will enlarge beautifully, so I’m also a believe that bigger is better! Typically people think that an 8×10 is a BIG print, but when you start putting frames/canvases up on your walls you will realize that one or two framed 8×10’s very rarely fill the space WELL. Of course it depends on your wall space, but most people have way more space for displaying images than they realize!

Here are a few of my favorite arrangements that I’ve seen on pinterest, and you can check out the rest of my wall display ideas board HERE!

Three 16×24 and four 11×14’s- Source: Blink Photography

Nine 20×20 frames- Source: Tara Whitney PhotographyFive 20×20 frames- Source: Tara Whitney PhotographyThree 20×24 canvases- Source: Sierra Studiosone 20×30 canvas and two 16×20 canvases- Source: Sierra Studiosone 16×20, one 14×14, one 30×10, one 11×14, and one 10×10 canvas- Source: Genesis Photo To any of my wonderful clients, I would LOVE to see how you have chosen to display your photos in your home! If you email me a photo of your wall display I would love to show it off on the blog! :) Happy Friday!!

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  1. Jess Cochran says:

    As soon as we get the new house set up, I will send you some wall display pics!!

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