Meet Luke- McLean VA Newborn Photographer

I would like to introduce you all to Luke, or as his big sister calls him “Babyluke” as all one word (its SO cute, and almost sounds like she’s singing along with Ricky Ricardo’s Babalu with how fast she says his name and puts both words together :) ) Luke is the newest addition to Matt and Whitney’s family and I’m so excited to photograph his first year! Luke just might win the record for the biggest newborn I’ve photographed, he was a perfect 9 pounds 10 ounces when he was born! Because of that and the fact that he was almost 2 weeks when we scheduled his session, he took a lot more coaxing to really fall asleep so we could move him around for pictures, so Luke and I bonded over a two-part session, but it was completely worth coming back the next day to get lots of those precious sleepy baby photos! :) Enjoy lots of favorites, and make sure you check back in June for his next session! Happy Monday! :)

While Luke finished eating we focused on big sister Ella for a while! Remember this gorgeous red piano from my first session with their family? I’m thinking it will need to make an appearance a couple more times over this next year :) that photo on the left might just be my favorite photo I’ve taken of Ella so far :) love her sweet smile! counting fingers, ya know, just to make sure he’s got all 10 :) love this sweet little owl hat that Whitney picked out for his newborn photos! ha! okay so typically newborns take up the good majority of his little bed, but he had Whitney and I laughing so hard at how he BARELY fit! 9 pounds 10 ounces is no joke! :) sweet boy: my favorite from his session! :) and last but certainly not least, a few portraits of Luke and his mama… i love the classic feel to these next few: 
Happy Monday! :)
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