the “why”

Last week I had the privilege to attend Bobbi+Mike’s workshop, and one of the very first challenges they gave us was to figure out our “WHY”. Why do we do what we do? What is different about my work? What defines my style? It challenged me to come home and really dig through my images to find some of my favorite photos that I feel define my style. I want to tell stories with my photos. I want to document emotion, so that one day when your grandkids look at your photos they can FEEL what you were feeling when I took that photo. They can feel the excitement. They can feel the anticipation. They can feel the JOY. They get a sense of what your life looked like at that particular moment, not just a photo of your physical appearance. If your life is chaotic chasing around 3 little kids, I don’t want to photograph a stiff posed photo, I want to document that chaos in a beautiful, fun way. If you’re overjoyed to be marrying the love of your life, I want to photograph that excitement, not some serious, angry looking pose.

The little moments. The specific way he holds her hand. The way your baby snuggles on your shoulder. The tears that spill out on your wedding day.

Real. Unobtrusive. Honest. Joyful moments that you can FEEL.

Here are some of those photos; a few of the ones I’m super proud of. The ones that make me stop and stare. The ones that define what I want my brand, my business, and my approach to be about…


fun…raw…unscripted… beautiful… intimate… romantic… candid… joyful… spontaneous… cuddly… passionate… sweet… emotional… playful… classic…

Happy Friday! :)

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  1. Mallory says:

    LOVE how you included different descriptive words so perfectly with each picture, to really explain your work! (:

  2. Carmaleta says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cannot wait until I am able to get you to photograph my family!!

  3. mom says:

    Love these! You have really captured a moment in time in a most wonderful way!

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