The Bickham Family is expecting- Leesburg VA Maternity Photographer

Last October my sweet friend Anna let me help their family make a very special announcement during their portrait session… that Shelby was going to have a baby sister! :)
I have been constantly amazed by Anna throughout this pregnancy especially. I have no idea how she manages to get everything on her to-do list done on a daily basis, and not only that but she still finds time to love the people in her life so well. I’ve said from the beginning that she needs a super woman cape :) She is one of the most intentional people I’ve ever met, and shows me daily what it looks like to be a good friend.  She and Jason are the best parents, and are raising one of the smartest, sweetest, most creative kids I’ve met. I am so very excited to see Shelby as a big sister here in just a couple weeks, she’s been practicing all year with her own baby doll, and i can only imagine what she’s going to think when she gets the real deal! Shelby is one of my favorite little friends I’ve gotten to know and love, and I’m so excited to snuggle her new baby sister too… hopefully Shelbs will share her with me every now and then :)

Can’t wait to meet your sweet girl here so soon! :) Enjoy lots of favorites!
look at her little cheeks! :) this next one made me laugh so much! we were trying to get Shelby to listen to baby sister’s heartbeat, but instead she’s looking at me like “ha! i’m no sucker!” ;) you’d ever know it looking at these photos, but it was freeeeezing outside the evening of their session! Shelby was happiest snuggled close between Anna and Jason, and these next few are definitely some of my favorite images from their session :) a mama and her two girls :) “whats that baby sister? you want the yellow flower? okay!” :) even though it was so cold, the light was pretty darn incredible :) LOVE these next two of Anna! another favorite for sure :) 
Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Rebekah B says:

    Too many great ones to pick a favorite! Love ’em all :)

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