The Dukes Family- Alexandria VA Family Photographer

Back in 2011 I got to meet sweet Eleanor… and look how much she has grown since then! these days she’s also added the job title of “Big Sister”, along with book enthusiast, spy princess, and dancer extraordinaire! We spent the morning around their home, just playing and photographing all of the fun little things that the girls do at this particular age and I’m so excited that we were able to catch so many of the little moments that make up their day to day life. Books, dance parties, wrestling with dad, puppets, and doctor checkups for baby Josephine… I love that they will be able to look at these photos when the girls are older and show them exactly what this season looked like for their family :) Enjoy lots of favorites! Happy viewing, friends! gotta watch out for this guy, he’ll get your fingers every time! ;) meet Josephine! She woke up from her nap full of smiles and ready to play :) Eleanor and Josephine have such a fun little friendship already, we’ll see how it they feel about each other here in a few months when Josie is crawling after her toys ;) apparently photo sessions are TOUGH work for Ellie ;) this photo makes me laugh every time :) there we go! so much better :) sweet baby :) Bethany had explained in their questionnaire that since Josephine has come along that the relationship between Matt and Ellie had gotten that much sweeter, and she wanted some photos that really documented the fun that they have together and how much Ellie enjoys playing and wrestling with her daddy :) safe to say this game is probably more fun for Ellie than for Matt ;) Bethany also explained how one of Ellie’s favorite things to do is give Josephine check ups with her own little doctor kit… based on Josie’s look of pure panic on her face, she must know whats comin’ ;)
so we opted to leave the doctor kit at home and head outside for a few minutes :) HA! this is a pretty standard photo that I try and get, but this is hands down one of my favorite reactions ;)
quick outfit change and a few more books to finish the session: one of my favorites from the day! love this of Ellie reading to all her little friends :) 
Have a great weekend!! Happy Friday!

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  2. Grandma says:

    You have that magic touch! xoxoxoxo

  3. These are AWESOME!!! most expressive kids ever!!!!!! love this!!!!

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