Lily: One Year – Meadowlark Gardens Family Photographer

Can you believe she’s one already? These first year packages always fly by WAY faster than I would like them to! This was definitely one of my favorite sessions with Lily, we went back to Meadowlark where we took Tina’s maternity photos! I loved seeing her explore and try and run as fast as her little wobbly legs would carry her! :) and the cake! oooh the cake! at that point in the session I was getting a little worried that it might be too close to nap time for her to really get into the cake smash, but Tina assured me that there would be NO problem ;) sure enough Lily was MORE than happy to dig in and get herself ALL covered in pink frosting for their drive home! :)

Chad and Tina, thank you for allowing me to spend this past year documenting your girl. I know she is an answered prayer for you both, and it has been so sweet to see your family grow and transition over the past few years :) Happy Birthday, Lily! :) I don’t know which of these two photos i love more :) so happy i was able to catch some of her funny expressions! one of my favorites :) HA! :) this one makes me smile every time :) happy girl :)they brought Lily’s favorite chair all the way up here for a few photos, and i think she would have sat here all day…… if it wasn’t for the cake! as soon as they set the cake down in front of her she dove right in! :) Happy birthday, baby girl! :) 

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  1. Francis says:

    good pics tina. Lily is getting big.

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