Family Time- Leesburg VA Family Photographer

One thing that I always try and think about as I’m taking photos are the people that are going to be looking at them 10… 15… 20 years down the road. I try and think of the people and the moments that will tell a story one day, and photograph those. So when Anna and Jason managed to coordinate all of their parents and siblings to all be in the same place at the same time for Mother’s Day and to meet sweet Harper, they decided to book another portrait session specifically to get lots of great shots of Shelby and Harper with their extended family. I love that Anna and Jason prioritize and value photos, and I know that Shelby and Harper will be so SO thankful to have these photos as they grow up. We kept the session really relaxed and just spent a few hours with everyone playing in their back yard and i’m excited to share some of my favorites! :) Happy viewing, friends!

Anna’s parents and sister Whitney came up from South Carolina for a few days! love this shot of Shelby and Anna’s dad:
and this one of Shelbs and her aunt Whitney: Harper slept throughout the entire session! She was super easy to pass around and snuggle :) these next two are some of my favorites. I know how thankful I am for photos with my grandparents from when I was younger, and I know Harper and Shelby will love these too: all the Sarco girls :) sisters :) Ooooh goodness. So, my sweet little friend got her first camera as a gift, and to say she was excited is a huge understatement. Can’t you see it in her eyes?!? :)  At this point, she proceeded to repeat everything I’ve ever said to her when I have a camera in my hand, and tried to direct the rest of the session since she had her OWN camera and wanted to take her OWN photos :) We heard lots of “you stand there, let me take a picture! I want to take a picture of YOU! You can sit here, or stand here, those are your choices for this picture!”.. i think we’ve created a little monster, and yet I’m totally ready to hire her ;) c’mon once you add those little pigtails, the kid is irresistible :) this look says “okay Jessie, I’ve got it from here…” :) the whole family! like I said, someone had her own agenda for the rest of the photo shoot once she got her own camera ;) LOVE this photo though and how she has everyone else all lined up ;) a few more Harper snuggles: love this shot of the girls with their Grandma and aunt Lori: Shelby’s uncle Justin found a rainbow just for her:
so many kisses for Harper: look at her little fist! she’s thinking hard about something! :) after we were finished the session I grabbed Harper for a minute before I left, and Lori grabbed my camera for one more photo :) 

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