The Horner Family- Round Hill VA Family Photographer

At the end of last year I got an email from Jon asking if he could gift his wife Ashley with a gift certificate for a portrait session for Christmas! They opted to plan for more of a “lifestyle session”, which just means that I got to spend a couple hours with them in their home capturing their favorite every day moments they spend together as a family. Ashley rocking her babies… Jon and Bentley playing blocks… Bentley going to get Britta in her crib when she wakes up from her nap… a walk around their neighborhood to the lake… Bentley and Britta starting to play together… dance parties in the living room… all of those little moments that make up their time together. I always ask parents to think about the little things that their kids do now that they never want to forget, and I love that we were able to include so many of Jon and Ashley’s answers in their session! Not to mention that Bentley and Britta are two of the CUTEST little faces you’ve ever seen! Seriously they made my job so easy :) Jon and Ashley, thanks for inviting me into your home and letting me spend time with your babies :) Happy viewing, friends! :)

Britta was more than happy to dish out some sweet smiles for me while she waited for her big brother to come get her after her nap :) these next two just melt my heart!! I know they’re pretty similar, but I couldn’t pick a favorite so you get both :) such a happy girl :) big brother to the rescue! these two are so sweet together! such buddies already! I’ve been obsessed with Bentley’s curls from day one (Jon and Ashley are good friends from church!) and I loved how they would bounce and move as he jumped on the bed :)
over the last few years Ashley has spent quite a few hours sitting here rocking her boy, just another one of those little every day moments we wanted to make sure to capture :) these days he has to make room for baby sister too! he doesn’t seem to mind too much :) what i loved most about this was how Bentley started sitting up straight, but as soon as he saw Jon lying on his side he repositioned himself to match his Daddy :) he was such a little ham for the camera… my favorite kind of kid! ;) a little dance party in the living room:ahh seriously those curls! too cute! I would never be able to cut them! :)
Britta plays with blocks a little differently than Bentley does ;) welcome to the world of a 6 month old… everything goes in the mouth! another favorite :) who needs a track to drive your cars on when you have a baby sister?! :) concentration at its cutest ;) sweet baby! especially love that shot on the right! clearly Britta thinks her big brother is hilarious :)
we were getting ready to head outside for a few minutes and as Ashley was putting Bentley’s tie on she said she had a vision of tying his tie for prom one day :) i’m sure it will be here all too soon! such a handsome little man! love Britta’s little scrunchy nose smile :)
… i couldn’t resist! :) I don’t know how I caught both of them with these expressions, but i kind of love it :) Jon and Ashley just celebrated their anniversary so we wanted to grab a few updated photos for them as well! aaaand with that, Bentley decided that he was going to walk home, whether or not we wanted to join him ;) 
Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Debbie Sabila says:

    Ashley and Jon, I enjoued looking at all of the photos, it made my day. I am so glad that they were shared to me by Ashley’s mom, my friend Deb

  2. Anna Bickham says:

    So perfect! I love them! What great moments in time captured!

  3. Rebekah B says:

    Love seeing how you’ve captured such sweet friends — thank you!

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