Evan and Lynn- Thomas Birkby House Wedding Photographer

I think this past memorial day weekend will go down in record books somewhere. It was a cool 68 degrees, without a single cloud in the sky, just as Evan and Lynn had prayed for. Definitely not the typical forecast for the end of May here in Virginia! but thats nothing new for Evan and Lynn, the Lord has been answering their prayers for each other from day one. We got to hear their family and closest friends contribute different pieces of their story all day long, but the one thing that everyone echoed was how clear it was that Lynn and Evan were a perfect fit and how well they complimented each other. Last weekend at the Thomas Birkby House in Leesburg, Evan and Lynn promised each other forever with the support, encouragement, and prayers of all of their favorite people in the world, and it was an absolute honor to get to document it all. Evan and Lynn, thank you THANK YOU for letting me celebrate with you and for inviting me into your lives over the past couple years :) Also a big thank you to my sweet friend Katie for helping me out for the day; it had been WAY too long since she assisted at a wedding and I was so thrilled to have her tag along :)

Happy viewing, friends! :)

a few finishing touches… I loved seeing Evan SO excited to see his bride, and how you can tell just by his hands how much anticipation was built up in this moment: such a sweet moment for these two: he looked like he just needed to sit down for a moment to take everything in :)
two of my favorite shots of Lynn all day, and they were completely un-staged and candid shots :) ps did you see the rest of Lynn’s bridal portraits?! :) the Thomas Birkby House had SO many gorgeous spots for photos, but this was definitely one of my favorites :) i could have stayed here all day!
all of the guys had fun socks on, and i love that you can see Evan’s in this shot :) they were so happy and joyful all day… made my job super easy :) another favorite :) they had SUCH a fun group of people in their wedding party :) oh HEY gorgeous bridesmaids! :) please consider this my formal request to photograph each of your weddings when you all get engaged, okay? okay good :) best. photobomb. ever. love this shot that Katie grabbed at the start of the ceremony! I could tell right away what a special relationship Lynn and her dad have, and I love how proud he is of her in this shot as he walked her down the aisle. Evan explained how Lynn gave him a ‘to-do’ list the day before, with the last thing on it being “show up” for the wedding, so he made sure to take a minute and cross that one last thing off of his to do list :) married!! first dance sweetness:
love this one from their Father/Daughter dance :) ha! these two were pros on the dance floor :) loved Katie’s angle and her shot of them cutting the cake :) haha Evan’s looking a little nervous right about now… ;) there was a little band reunion during the reception to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of their debut album :) Lynn and Evan tossed the bouquet and garter from the balcony of the house: and while I was up with them, Katie grabbed these next two shots of their guests :) love the determination of those three in the front :)
and they’re off!! Hope you guys had the BEST time in Bermuda!! :)  Congratulations again to you both! :)

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