Matt and Katie are expecting! – Fairfax VA Maternity Photographer

Meet Matt and Katie, their super sweet pups Essyx and Maeby, and that baby in Katie’s belly is Jack! You will get to know the 5 of them very well over this next year, as we document Jack’s first year! Really, Essyx and Maeby have technically only been part of this family for the past few months as well, so we’ll call it their first year too ;) Essyx is a darling 12 year old girl who they adopted from a shelter back in January, and Maeby is a sweet playful 4 month old puppy that recently joined their family as well… so now all they need is baby Jack! :) When Katie and I first started talking about their maternity session, she asked if I would mind coming to their home and doing the session there. They wanted a more relaxed, natural feel to their photos and loved the idea of doing the session in their first house, and I was immediately sold on the idea! I love that more of my clients are option for more of a “lifestyle” approach to their session, and I’m so excited about the results! :) Matt and Katie, it was so wonderful to get to know you both! Can’t wait to see you guys again and meet baby Jack! :)

Katie and Matt said that they spent a lot of time in their kitchen, so we started there and made some tea:
and it didn’t take too long for Essyx and Maeby to make an appearance :) he will be here before you know it! :) Katie explained that she has been keeping a journal for Jack that she tries to write in about once a week, and I was determined to work it into their session :) I have a soft spot for things like this and handwritten notes, and these next few just might be some of my favorites from their session :) she’s a sweet pup ;) they were explaining how when they did engagement photos their photographer had some.. well, different techniques than i did. One of them being “okay, now whisper something sweet in her ear…” to which Matt whispered something along the lines of “this is so awkward…” which made Katie laugh and resulted in one of her favorite photos. So when they were all set up for THIS photo, just to get them to laugh I said “okay now whisper something in her ear!” as a joke, but he actually DID it, and it resulted in the following photos :) I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever asked a couple to “whisper something sweet” before, and don’t know that I ever would again, but oh I do love these next two photos :) one of my favorites :) another favorite :) Katie you are gorgeous! being a mama looks good on you my friend! and one last favorite, with a little photo-bomber by her feet :)
 Happy Wednesday!

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  1. […] but didn’t want to miss any of the action either! He was so content just to snuggle up to Matt or Katie and check things out. I can already tell that he has the sweetest spirit, and I’m so excited […]

  2. Katie Covert says:

    Love love love that natural “lifestyle” setting. So precious! Congratulations Katie and Matt!

  3. Leigh says:

    Stunning :)

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