Chase- 8 Months – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

I’m tellin ya, the 8 month portrait session during that first year is one that I ALWAYS look forward to! It really is one of my absolute favorite ages to photograph, I just love how expressive and happy babies are at that age! They are discovering everything around them, and oh so easily amused which makes my job so fun :) Chase was in the best mood for his early AM session this week, and I think he could have stayed in the wash tub we brought along for him all day if we let him! Can’t believe how fast this year is flying by, I was telling Dave and Caitlin that I bet I’ll be running after Chase next time I see him for his 1 year session! :) Happy viewing, friends! such a sweet mama’s boy :)I have a feeling they see that expression on the right a lot these days as he’s exploring and discovering new things around him, can’t you hear him saying “oooooh, look!!” :) I think in this particular instance he was mesmerized by a bubble :) like I said, next time I see him I bet he will be running! he was so wanting to chase after these bubbles! he was NOT too sure about them popping on his head though :) and then we decided to let him splash around in this old wash tub, which he was quite thrilled with :) one of my favorites :) such a handsome little man :)afterwards he was ready for a towel and a few snuggles with his mama: then a quick change back into his clothes and he was ready to dish out a few more big smiles! hellooooo blue eyes! :)  Happy Thursday :)

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  1. Patricia Buchanan says:

    You always manage to catch Chase with his best expressions. You have captured the essence of his sweetness. Great pics. “Grandmom” Buchanan

  2. Julievanluven says:

    Chase is adorable – such beautiful blue eyes <3

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