Pat and Natalie – Oatlands Plantation Wedding Photographer

Meet Natalie and Pat, another one of my amazing 2014 couples! We met up for their engagement session last week, and Oatlands in the fall is one of my favorite places! It has so much charm and character and looks amazing decorated in all the pretty fall colors :) I’m so thankful there are people like Natalie in this world, she works with exotic animals (which she explained basically means anything beyond dogs and cats and typical pets!) and spends her days caring for all kinds of creepy crawly things. Thank goodness for people like Natalie who love things like that, because people like ME wouldn’t stand a chance at that kind of job! I love how Pat has adopted her love of exotic animals, and how they truly support each others dreams no matter what. I’m excited to see where life is going to take them, and what kind of critters they will accumulate along the way ;) Happy viewing, friends!
like I said, Oatlands in the fall is pretty tough to beat! :) one of my favorites! LOVE these next two black and white shots!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Lisa says:

    What beautiful photographs! This couple’s love shines through every one!

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