Luke: 8 Months – McLean VA Family Photographer

For Luke’s 8 month portrait session we had big plans of going to a local farm and spending a good chunk of the morning there playing and letting Ella and Luke explore the property. They were going to make a big day out of it, and we knew the kids would love it. BUT as luck would have it, it was FREEZING outside the morning of their session, so pretty late the night before their session we opted for plan B and decided just to have me come to their house instead. That way we could spend our time inside if needed, or we could head outside if the kids seemed warm/happy enough. I’m SO thankful for flexible clients, because I think we ended up with the best scenario possible! The kids were happy to play outside for a while, AND since we did the session at their house we got to have their grandfather and uncle who were visiting for the weekend jump in a few of the photos too! There’s a photo of Ella with her grandfather that just MELTS MY HEART! You all know very well by now that I’m completely a Grandpa’s Girl, and so I’m so thankful that we were able to get a few photos of their family with him too :) Enjoy lots of favorites! Happy Friday! :) here ya go, baby Luke! :) possibly my favorite shot from their whole session :) love this one so much! We headed over to a little park right by their house for a few more photos: Love Ella’s sweet giggle :) look at those sweet eyelashes! HA! this one cracks me up :) you would think that Luke would remember the yucky taste from putting leaves in his mouth, but nope! every time back in his mouth they went, and every time he made a face similar to this one :) love his little teddy bear hat :) I think they both could have stayed right here and played in the leaves ALL day if we let them! Happy Friday!

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