Holiday Mini Sessions: Part 1 – Northern VA Christmas Portraits

Here they are! The first round of Holiday Mini Session photos!! I have been DYING to share these from the day that I took them, but I wanted to give the 17 amazing families an opportunity to view their photos first and call dibs on any photos they didn’t want to show up on the blog, but instead save for their holiday cards as a surprise for their family and friends :) This entire day couldn’t have gone any better! We even lucked out with a little bit of a warmer afternoon considering it was the end of November, AND the day after the sessions it was FREEZING!! I had the absolute BEST team of people to help me pull this off, and all day long all I kept thinking was how there was NO way I could have done it without them! These 5 ladies truly made the day happen and allowed me to do my job well!

The mini sessions sold out every time slot I was offering which was so exciting to see! There were 9 past clients that came out and 8 new ones, which was such a perfect balance of old and new friends. There were some little ones that I hadn’t seen in YEARS, so it was such a fun treat to have them come out for these sessions! This was the first time I’ve ever attempted a day of mini sessions, and I truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience! My wheels may or may not be already spinning for next year ;)

I have WAY too many favorites of these 17 incredible families, so you will get to see the first half today and the second half will be up tomorrow morning so make sure you check back then! :) Thank you THANK YOU to the families that came out, the dear friends that helped, and the wonderful Von Kahle family for hosting us for the day! Happy Holidays, friends!
our little “poor man’s snow machine” proved to be a HUGE hit with all of the kids! That little bag of fake snow from Target was the best $1.99 I spent on this whole thing! ;) I hadn’t seen miss Sydney since she was 6 months old! safe to say she’s changed QUITE a bit since then! more fun with the snow! These boys were some of my absolute favorite clients friends from Newport News and they drove all the way up here for these sessions! What an honor! We made sure to fit in a breakfast date the morning after the session so we could catch up for more than just 20 minutes :) I don’t know how both boys fit in that little car, but they made it happen! ;) LOVE the christmas pajamas!! I was hoping someone would show up with fun pj’s :) Mason brought his own set of wheels to the session! How cute is that little car that Stephanie found?! It’s also been over a year since I’ve seen this handsome boy, who is about to have a baby sister to look out for! :) Those bright blue eyes would melt me every time! don’t you love his little outfit?! that hat is too cute!
Stay tuned for part TWO tomorrow! :) Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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  1. Michelle Bloom says:

    Hi Jessica, can you provide me with a quote for a few family Xmas photos? I have never done this so I have no idea how it works. Any details would be great.

    Michelle Bloom

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  6. Beth Vriesman says:

    The sets you created were awesome! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Wish we had a reason to participate ;)

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