Summer Bucket List!

Okaaaay so I know it’s not summer yet, but since my weddings kick off in the next couple of weeks and go well into the summer I thought I’d share this now in hopes of checking all of these off at some point over the next few months! Spring and summer are definitely crazy busy work-wise, so I should probably go ahead and block off a few days for some of these now, right? :)

There are a few things that help make summer complete in my world. Concerts, young life camp, and baseball games are all on that list! Last weekend I went to my first O’s game of the year with some great friends, and it was a great way to kick off the season. Here in Virginia, winter definitely overstayed its welcome, and I’m more than ready for warmer (and longer) days, sunshine, and more baseball! :)

here are a few iphone photos from this weekend:It was a GORGEOUS afternoon at Camden Yards, and we had the best view, but our seats just so happened to be in the most shaded, darkest section of the whole stadium, sooo it was a little chilly where we were sitting! The poor girl in shorts and a tshirt in front of us turned BLUE by the 3rd inning!Toward the end of the game we opted for the official 7th inning seat change, and headed to the outfield where the seats were in the sun, and we all said how it literally felt like two totally different days going from the shade/wind into the sun. I believe Scott phrased it best, “it’s like we went from Minnesota to the TROPICS!” :) Seriously look at the photo below, and you see that entire row of sections that arrow is pointing to?! Look how much darker it is than ANY of the other seats in the whole stadium! We decided they woulda been the perfect seats if it had been raining, or crazy hot, or just about in ANY other weather besides sunny and 60 degrees :)  So here’s the bucket list for this summer! Who wants to tag along?! :)

A few more baseball games– gotta cheer on the Nat’s and the O’s a few more times this season (especially since the O’s lost this weekend!)

Spend an afternoon at Pippin Hill Farm Vineyard– this is one of my FAVORITE places I’ve been to in Charlottesville! I didn’t make it there at all last summer, but this year it’s on my list to go sit on their patio with some wine and cheese for one afternoon and enjoy the mountains :)

See The Lion King when it comes to the Kennedy Center I’ve always had a soft spot for theater, and this shows is one of the best!

Go to one summer concert Jiffy Lube Live usually has a big handful of country concerts throughout the summer, but this year their lineup is pretty thin, and I have weddings scheduled for the few concerts that are coming. So we’ll see if this one happens!

Shoot a portrait session in a lavender field– I’ve always wanted to do portraits in a pretty lavender field, and this year I’m making it happen! Katie and I already have plans in the works, and you know when she and I team up for photos the results are gonna be good! :)

Spend a day at the beach I’m not too much of a beach bum, but it just seems wrong to not see the ocean at some point during the summer!

Young Life Camp– summer really doesn’t seem complete without at least one day here! Thankfully it looks like I’ll get to go be the official camp photographer again this year for YoungLives week at Rockbridge! Who wants to come serve with me?! It’s seriously the best time, and you will fall in love with these babies over the week!! You can read and overview and see lots of cute photos from last year HERE!

SO! Who wants to come with me for any/all of those?! :) What’s on your summer bucket list?! Anything else I should add to mine? :)

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  1. mom says:

    Count me in for the vineyard! You might need to make several trips… Maybe Lion King too! Sounds like a great list! Have fun!

  2. Grandma says:

    How about a few days with Grandma! I’ll supply the beach! xoxoxoxo

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