Hayden Grace: One Year! – Gainesville VA Family Photographer

“The tenderness of God is twirling around
In our living room tonight
Lighting up your daddy’s eyes
And know he just wants to freeze you in time”
I’m not sure how her first year flew by so fast, the last time I saw Miss Hayden she was teeny tiny… and now look how she’s grown! the pigtails. the blue eyes. the sweet smile… it’s all too cute for me to handle! we wanted to incorporate all of Hayden’s favorite things into the session, including her baby doll :) she’s a pro at rocking her baby!LOVE this shot of Allie and her girl :)
learning to walk is tough stuff!Hayden is a girl after my own heart, she loves looking at photos! it’s a sad day in Hayden’s world when swing time is over… i couldn’t resist snapping this next photo, even if it was mid-melt down :)
thankfully she thought her slide was equally as awesome :)just incase i haven’t already said it a dozen times, i completely adore these three :) helloooo blue eyes! then the sun peeked out just for a few minutes right before cake time! not gonna lie, that shot on the right is one of my favorites :) Bjorn is teaching Hayden all of his cool tricks :) such a pretty baby!… and then hayden’s world changed for ever with one taste: chocolate!! she was loving life and makin’ a mess! yup. i understand completely, baby girl :) You can go back and see Hayden’s newborn portraits and Bjorn and Allie’s wedding too! Happy 1st Birthday, Hayden Grace!! :)

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  1. I love all of these pictures! What a beautiful family and an adorable little girl! Your family/children pictures always have such a fun, happy feel, Jessie, and I love them!!

  2. Connie sams says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love this little pumpkin!

  3. Bjorn says:

    Once again, you did an amazing job creating wonderful memories for our family! There is no one I would have rather take pictures of us than you! Thank you Jessie!

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