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I shared a lot about this throughout the year I blogged monthly 10 things you might not know about me, but I’m a firm believer in the concept of the Love Languages. My top two have always been ‘quality time’ and ‘words of affirmation’ pretty much tied for first, and ‘physical touch’ falling close behind. If I had to really narrow it down though and pinpoint one thing that makes me feel loved, I would tell you that even more specifically, handwritten notes are my love language. I think it’s because it combines those two in such a sweet way, reading the WORDS that someone actually took the TIME to write. I’d rather get a well thought out note than just about anything else!

It started in college when a friend of mine handed me an envelope in between classes. I had no idea what it was, but I opened it to find that she had written out a note of gratitude, for no specific reason at all. She was just thankful for our friendship, and wanted me to know it. It meant so much to me that I put it in a little frame and kept it in my closet where I would see it every day. Since then, anytime I receive a note that really makes my day, I add it to “the shelf”. Some are thank you notes, others are notes of encouragement, and others still were for no specific reason at all. but each one of them represent people who hold a very special place in my life.

I try to dish out notes like this as often as I can. I’d rather get a blank card and fill it with my own thoughts than find one with a message already inside. I try and make it a goal of mine to give at least 3 handwritten notes each month, and I try to ensure that each of my clients receives one from me as well. I know some people will just discard them and thats okay, but that for other people it might mean as much to them to receive a thank you note as it means to me. I’m telling ya, never underestimate the power of a handwritten note :) I have so much gratitude for the people represented in each of those notes… they’re the best of the best!
The first shelf is now overflowing and I have a few other notes that need framed at this point, so bring on shelf #2! :)  Happy Monday! :)

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