Meet Cana- Frying Pan Farm Park Family Portraits

“Babies are soft. Anyone looking at them can see the tender, fragile skin and know it for the rose-leaf softness that invites a finger’s touch. But when you live with them and love them, you feel the softness going inward, the round-cheeked flesh wobbly as custard, the boneless splay of the tiny hands. Their joints are melted rubber, and even when you kiss them hard, in the passion of loving their existence, your lips sink down and seem never to find bone. Holding them against you, they melt and mold, as though they might at any moment flow back into your body.

But from the very start, there is that small streak of steel within each child. That thing that says “I am,” and forms the core of personality.”
― Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber
good gosh those bottom two little teeth and scrunchy nose smile get me every time! miss Cana was loving her afternoon at the farm.. she was all smiles the whole time! :) her current favorite toy… Bethany you are stunning! love these next couple shots… Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. […] days hadn’t flown by so fast.” -Trace Adkins The last time I saw Cana was for her 6 month portraits and she was just starting to sit up all by herself, and now she’s running all over the place! […]

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