Ethan: 4 Months – Aldie VA Baby Photographer

“My life gets brighter by the day
from how you shine
I don’t think you even have to try.”
– Dave Barnes
How does so much change over just 4 short months? Remember this little man from his newborn session back in March? Well these days Ethan isn’t that same tiny newborn, but an engaging, observant, and VERY talkative little man!  I get little glimpses of Ethan every week from Dan who has been my personal trainer for quite a while now, and is very quick to show off new photos and videos of his boy :) I love how at this age they are really starting to interact so much more; he’s found his voice and “talked” to us the entire time, and he was so interested in anything and EVERYthing around him, just taking it all in. It’s crazy to see little ones learning new things every day right before your eyes, isn’t it? one of my favorites :) I can only imagine how happy it makes Heather’s heart to see her two boys together… and gosh Heather is just one of the most natural moms I’ve ever met. I think every woman finds her way into that role of “mom” differently, but for Heather you can just tell that she was comfortable there from day 1, and that she’s so in her element when she’s with Ethan.oooh these two. apparently Ethan is already in training to be a ninja. and a surgeon. and a gymnast. and a piano player. and a soccer star. and about 8,971,742 other things that Dan is teaching him already :)Ethan, please forgive me, but I had to include this “but whyyyyyyyy did you put me down?!?” face ;)
yup, that’s much better :)big smiles for his mama:this next series of Dan and Ethan in their USA soccer jerseys just might be my favorite from the session… something tells me these men spent quite a bit of time in these jerseys over the past couple of months ;)I see that little smile behind those thumbs! oooh and that lip! this is another favorite of mine from this session… #reallife ;) let’s compare, shall we? :) I love seeing how much they’ve grown over just a few short months… here’s Ethan now at 4 months:and this was at about 8 days old! so crazy!a few more kisses and smiles for his mama:Happy Thursday! :)

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  3. Heather says:

    Jessie you are amazing!! Thank you for capturing our family so beautifully! I love everyone of these and can’t wait for our next session! ❤️

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