Adam and Caitlin- Whitehall Manor Bluemont VA Wedding Photographer

“There’s no music, no confetti
crowds don’t cheer, and bells don’t ring
but you’ll know it, I can guarantee
when the right one comes along
all that changes is only everything
when the right one comes along.”
-Sam Palladiohow gorgeous is Caitlin’s bouquet?! and those shoes! can’t believe she found the perfect shade of blush :)I think Adam was the first groom I’ve ever photographed to get that tie tied correctly on the first attempt… future JSP grooms, challenge extended!
a big thank you to my talented friend Jonathan for 2nd shooting for me for the day, this next image is his! first look excitement:I think I could shoot every wedding at Whitehall Manor and be perfectly happy!and this pup was the special guest of the day! Their dog Riley got to be a part of all the festivities and had free run of the entire property all day long! I’m pretty sure she’s the only dog in the world that’s calm enough to handle that, but I think it’s safe to say she had the best day ever :)how precious is she?!? Jonathan took this photo of their sweet flower girl: these guys were all kinds of fun:time to get married! :)Jonathan’s view on the left, mine on the right:Adam’s grandfather gave the sweetest blessing over the couple:Narrowing down photos for the blog is always the haaaardest thing for me to do since I have so many images that I love, so family formals don’t usually make it in. BUT I want to make sure to mention every now and then that I DO take them at every wedding!I don’t think these 3 could adore their brother any more than they already do:see that gentlemen in the middle there? he and his lovely wife raised the 8 boys standing next to him. EIGHT! Eight BOYS! Can you imagine? I asked him if he had written a book, he said “not yet!” :)I have a feeling that Cait spends a lot of time with Adam laughing til her belly hurts like she is in that photo on the left :)i LOVE it when a couple will sneak out for some sunset pictures! We caught just the veeery last little bit of the sunset, and it was totally worth it! another one of Jonathan’s from their first dance:Adam and Caitlin asked their DJ to kick off the dancing with Moves Like Jagger, which is a certain little flower girl’s favorite song :) clearly, she loved the idea ;) ooooh grandpa… this just might be my favorite photo from their reception :) he had some serious moves! I remember talking with Adam and Cait at their engagement session about how of COURSE cake was going to go everywhere on their wedding day, and I’m SO very glad they stayed true to their word ;) thank you both so much for allowing us to be a part of your perfect day! hope you had the best time in Bermuda! Venue: Whitehall Manor
Wedding Gown: James Clifford- Betsy Robinson Bridal
Florist: Wegmans Dulles
Hair Stylist: Julie Flury- Jewel Hair Design
Makeup Artist: Marquia Kinard- Blend Makeup Artistry
DJ: MSE Productions
Cake: Evan Sanderson with Sweets by E
Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss
Invitations: Sarah McCay

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