Isabelle: One Year! – River Farm Alexandria VA Family Portraits

“Your love is wide open spaces where I can run
and yet we’re tangled up roots in the warm broken earth
yeah, our love is sure.”
– Audrey Assad
if anyone out there can figure out how to make that first year of a tiny life pass by a little slower, I am ALL ears… We have a shot just like this one on the right from Elle’s newborn session, she’s changed juuuust a little bit since then :)Elle has been cruising and taking some steps with her walker, but this was the first time she had mom and dad on either side and goodness she couldn’t get going fast enough! she just took off! she knew exactly where she wanted to go and made sure to steer them in the correct direction :) she was pretty pleased with herself! such a happy baby! no need to sit on anyones lap, she prefers her own seat (thank you very much!) :)love these next two of Elle, and how you can see all her little teeth! those baby belly laughs where you just throw your head back and giggle are the best :) a few snuggles with her mama make everything better:
Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Isabelle! 

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