Meet Chase and Keegan- Northern VA Family Photographer

“Nonsense. Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always awake a day older, and then before you know it… they’re grown.”
– J.M. Barrie, Peter PanThat quote above from Peter Pan is one of my all time favorite quotes, and seemed quite appropriate for these two handsome boys :) The one showing off his awesome dance moves in the photo above is Chase, and the one with the big blue eyes and big ol’ kissable cheeks in the image below is Keegan! Gosh I couldn’t get enough of Keegan’s sweet chubby cheeks! doesn’t he just melt you?!kisses for his mama!Such a handsome boy! Love those bright blue eyes and sweet smile!a quick change of clothes left his yummy little belly quite exposed ;) checking out big brother’s super cool Ninja Turtles shirt ;)then Keegan decided he needed his on too!I love that Meena was excited for me to photograph their real life. She had explained in her emails that she didn’t care if the boys got dirty or muddy, because they were both 100% all boy and would love that even more! She brought a few of the boys favorite weapons, and these next two images are two of my favorites from our time together. I can imagine they spend a GREAT deal of time at home practicing their sword fighting skills ;)the cutest ninja turtles you’ve ever seen! :)Happy Monday! :)

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  1. […] for you to put on.” ― j.m. barrie, peter panit’s been a full year since i’ve had chase and keegan in front of my camera, and i thought it was funny that i picked a peter pan quote for them last time two! it just seems […]

  2. Mary & Keri says:

    We love the photos! Gracie does as well and asks to see them quite often. Every time she sees a blonde hair boy, she asks..”is that Chase?’ Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aunt Nette & uncle Tony says:

    Boys look so grown up. We are glad to see them and both of you. Meena you took off some wt and look great.

  4. Lisa Notestone says:

    Meena and John, Chase and Keegan are such gorgeous boys! Beautiful great pictures! Can’t wait to see you all!
    Love Aunt Lisa

  5. Jennifer says:

    Everyone looks great!!! My 2 favorite turtles sure know to mug for the camera.

  6. Noby Thomas & Fmly says:

    The Boys are so adorable and cute and you both look good too…Perfect Family pictures….

  7. Willy and Betty says:

    Chase and Keegan are adorable.
    Lots of Kodak momemnts.
    Wonderful pictures.
    Meena you look good too.
    Willy and Betty

  8. Ben McKee says:

    Looks like you are all having fun… well done. Cheers!

  9. Kim says:

    Beautifully captured pics of my BFF and her family – so natural and well done!!!

  10. Karen Wilson says:

    Meena and John: I just loved the pics of the boys…awesome..can’t wait to see you over holidays..Aunt Karen

  11. Patty Walls says:


  12. Stephen Vagnier says:

    Great pictures!


  13. Lincy and Samson Papaly says:

    Meena and John, Chase and Keegan look good, who is the third child.

  14. Meena Sinfelt says:

    We absolutely LOVE them Jessie! And thank you so much for getting ones of Keegan smiling, he’s such a tough cookie sometimes!

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