Ethan: 8 Months! – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

“I guess your smile is the suns way
of lighting up whats dark.”
– Matt Wertz
Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold02 this handsome little man came over last week for his 8 month session and we kicked things off playing with some of my leftover toys from all the holiday mini sessions ;) Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold04 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold07 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold14 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold17 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold21 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold23 love that smile!Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold25 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold26 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold31 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold39 look at those little puckered lips!! ha! too cute :)Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold50 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold56 the photo on the right makes me laugh every time… clearly, Ethan wasn’t amused :)Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold58 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold59bw Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold61 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold65 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold66 again! this kid was killin me with his little lips! Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold69bw love those scrunchy nose smiles!Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold70 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold75 Leesburg_VA_Baby_Photographer_Merold77bwYou can go back and see Ethan’s 4 month session HERE and his newborn portraits HERE! :) Happy Friday!

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