Harrison: 4 Months – Vienna VA Portrait Photographer

“As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful. They are the things that fill our lives with comfort and our hearts with gladness — just the pure air to breathe and the strength to breath it; just warmth and shelter and home folks; just plain food that gives us strength; the bright sunshine on a cold day; and a cool breeze when the day is warm.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone01 ooooh these two handsome boys, they hold a very special place in my heart :) I’ve been photographing Benjamin since he was still in his mama’s belly and then all throughout his first year, and to see him now love his baby brother Harrison is just the best thing! and gosh Harrison just has the sweetest personality. they’re best buds already :) their family is actually getting ready to move to a new house in just a few weeks, so it was really special that we were able to do these portraits in the boy’s first home! enjoy WAY too many favorites, as always :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone04 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone05 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone06 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone09 he was SO excited to show me his room, and all of his many (many!) books and his many (many!) stuffed animals :) don’t you just love that smile?!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone10i really love that Ben’s bear has made it into multiple sessions over the years :) Ben said that Bear sleeps with him every night…
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone14… along with just a FEW other friends too ;) I said “Ben! Where do YOU sleep in this bed with all those animals?!” and he pointed to the one little empty spot right at the end of the bed and said very matter of fact, “right there!” :) Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone20 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone23reading a few of his favorite books while Harrison took a little snooze :)
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone25another favorite for sure :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone28 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone29 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone30 Benjamin’s one request was a photo in Harrison’s bed with his brother… done and done!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone31 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone34 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone36 LOVE this portrait of Carolyn and her boy. so SO much!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone38 such a happy boy!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone39 this kid canNOT get enough of his books! he was even quite insistent that I sit down and read a few with him :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone40 love love love these next few photos of Mike and Ben! Benjamin read that entire “Daddy Kisses” book to Mike :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone44 he knew what was coming in the end! :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone45 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone47 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone59 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone60 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone66 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone69 love how Harrison is looking at Mike in this last one :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Stone71Can’t wait to see you all again in just a few short months! :)

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