Mike and Lynnsey- Annapolis MD Engagement Portraits

“When the stars line up
and you catch a good break
people think you’re lucky
but you know its Grace.”
– Garrett Hedlund
Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette01My favorite place for an engagement session is always somewhere that actually MEANS something to the couple, and as Mike and Lynnsey shared pieces of their story with me there was one central place that kept popping up: Annapolis! Even as we walked around during their engagement session it seemed like every corner of this town held some special meaning to them. “This is where we went to eat the first time we came here!”… “This is where he helped my family with the boat!”… “This is the exact spot where he PROPOSED!” I love that we were able to do their session in a place that plays such a big part in their story! These two were so. much. fun. to photograph! Couples that will play, be goofy, and laugh together are my faaavorite to have in front of my camera :) I am already counting down til their wedding this August!! Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette03Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette07this is the spot where Mike proposed to Lynnsey, so of course we had to stop here for a few for a few pictures :)Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette12Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette13bwwe had a pretty incredible evening for their session, the weather couldn’t have been any nicer!Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette14one of many (many!) favorites!Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette16M+L, i told you two there would be a few of the “outtakes’ mixed in with the rest of the blog post ;) Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette17Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette18love love LOVE the shot on the left! another favorite for sure!Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette20Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette21Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette26Mike had a few ideas of his own to mix into the session… I think the guys on the bike in the background totally make these next two photos… Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette30Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette33Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette36Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette42Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette43oh man, i just adore the two of you ;) Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette52Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette55Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette56Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette58this little sneak attack is what Lynnsey calls “KOALA!!!!!!” ;) Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette64Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette68Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette71I think this building was painted just to match Lynnsey’s outfit! Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette77Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette79Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette81Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette84bwAnnapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette87and then came the moment that Mike, i mean ALL of us, had been waiting for! ;) He drove his bike all the way up to Annapolis so we could do some portraits with it at the end of the session and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! these are some of my absolute favorite portraits from their session! Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette92bwAnnapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette95bwAnnapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette97Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette103bwAnnapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette107Annapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette114bwAnnapolis_Engagement_Photos_Audette119Can’t wait for August!! :) Happy Wednesday!

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