Meet Margo Jane- Reston VA Newborn Photographer

“but from the very start, there is that small streak of steel within each child. that thing that says “I am,” and forms the core of personality.”
― diana gabaldon
Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor01i’m so excited to introduce you to this little lady today! Margo is the newest addition to Casey and Jared’s family. If you’re a past client and you’ve received a box of adorable, delicious ‘thank you’ cookies, those came from Casey’s kitchen! She’s been doing my client thank you gifts for over a year now, and if you’re ever in need of something sweet and delicious for your next party or event, Casey is definitely the one to talk to! It was so fun to finally have the perfect excuse for her and Jared to jump in front of the camera too, and goodness gracious Margo was the perfect little model! She didn’t fuss at all the whole time I was there, and even dished out a few little smiles :) she hung out with us for the first half of the session insisting that she was NOT tired, but these big yawns gave her away ;) Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor05Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor09she was fascinated by the click of the camera shutter :) love these ones of her looking right at the camera:Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor10Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor11Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor12doesn’t it look like she’s smiling at Jared in the photo on the right? :) Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor13Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor18Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor21love her sweet little smirk :)Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor23Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor24Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor26Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor29Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor33Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor43Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor44love all that dark hair and those chubby little cheeks!Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor45Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor53Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor55Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor59Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor63Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor67Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor72Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor74Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor76and of course we had to include Pepper at the end of the session too! she and Margo are going to be best buds in no time :)Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor81Reston_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Taylor82thanks again for sharing your girl with me for the afternoon! congratulations again! :)

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