Kenley Grace: One Year – Clifton VA Family Portrait Photographer

i’m learning that in the long hard days
there is beauty
do you know my favorite place to see it?
it’s when I look at you.
– bethany dillon
Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen01the last time i saw that sweet face was when she was just a few days old, and now Kenley just celebrated her very first birthday!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen05Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen06how big is Kenley?? :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen10when momma asks for a hug from her girl, it results in one of my absolute favorite photos! Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen11bwlook at that one little top tooth starting to pop through!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen22Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen24Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen29Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen31Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen34Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen42Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen45Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen48Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen50Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen53another favorite :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen56Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen58scrunchy nose smiles are the beeeeest!Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen60Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen61this was Lacey’s one photo request… done and done! :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen62Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen65Kenley thought her hairbow would look better as a bowtie on her daddy :)Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen70Clifton_VA_Family_Photographer_Jacobsen71Happy Birthday Kenley Grace! :)

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  2. Aunt Lin says:

    These pictures are Gorgeous!! Good luck picking — all is a favorite. And I love the dress :) Beautiful family. Happy 1st Birthday Kenley.

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