Jonathan and Kathryn – Shadow Creek Wedding Purcellville VA Photographer

“so this is love
so this is what makes life divine”
– cinderella
Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden01they greeted us with open arms and ended the evening the same way, wrapping me up in a big hug and a sincere “I’m SO glad you’re here!!” that’s just the kind of people Jonathan and Kathryn are, constantly thinking of everyone else and making sure they feel loved. he wrote special surprise notes on the bottom of her shoes. she surprised him with his favorite cheeseburgers halfway through the reception. they made the day about honoring their parents, grandparents, and all the strong marriages that have paved the way for them. the day was about them and the covenant they were making, yes, but it was also about the people who they know will support and encourage them every day in their new roles of husband&wife. they had thought of EVERYthing for their wedding day, so they were able to sit back and truly ENJOY their day! those smiles never left their faces! i had WAY too many favorite photos from their day, because they looked so joyful in every single one! i don’t think i’ve ever blogged this many images in one post! Jon and Kathryn, i hope you guys currently have wifi in paradise so you can relive your perfect day a little bit, and that you’re enjoying every minute of your honeymoon! xoxo!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden14this is how happy she was ALL. DAY. LONG. that stunning smile never left her face!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden16Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden19loved loved loved their subtle red, white, and blue theme!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden05Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden32Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden43isn’t her bouquet incredible?! i’ve never seen one like it! all morning long Kathryn kept saying “i just can’t believe that I get to carry this!” Event Studio did an incredible job with all the florals!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden49Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden69Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden77he also got a nice watch to go along with it, but i think he was just a liiiiittle more excited when he opened this second box :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden92Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden108Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden111looking good, gentlemen!!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden112Jon’s family brought the “Worden Truck” all the way down from new york just for the occasion!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden142Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden146YOU GUYS… the bridal suite at Shadow Creek is completely swoon worthy! they thought of everything, and I could have done photos in that one room all day long! so lovely!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden172Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden176it takes quite a few bridesmaids to properly fluff a dress and undo the bustle! :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden177Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden198one of my favorites from the day! the moment when the bride is officially dressed and ready to go is always one of my favorite moments of the day! that’s when it all sinks in and becomes real! Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden203Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden209remember that little note on the bottom of Kathryn’s shoes? Jonathan had emailed me a few days before the wedding to let me know he was trying to surprise Kathryn with that note, and hoped she wouldn’t see it until I was able to get a photo of her reaction… success! it might seem like a little thing, but it just showed us all for the hundredth time how thoughtful Jon was, and how well he loves her that he wanted even the smallest moment of the day to be extra special for her. Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden218Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden229Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden253these ladies were SO wonderful to spend the day with! I adored each and every one of them from the time i walked in the door to seeing them tearing up the dance floor all evening!  Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden276Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden281love love LOVE! you ladies are the best!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden286Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden292then it was time to head to the church! love this image that Katie grabbed of Kathryn and her dad about to walk down the aisle!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden369you can tell what a special relationship these two have, another favorite for sure!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden374oh my gosh, this sweet man did me in! you all know that Grandpas are my kryptonite, and he had tears streaming down his face as Kathryn walked down the aisle and i was done for. I burst into tears! Kathryn and Jon mentioned all day long how incredibly thankful they were to have their grandparents in attendance, and i can understand why!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden376after her dad walked her down the aisle, her mom stood up and joined them at the front of the church so they could both give Kathryn away, which i thought was such a sweet touch!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden384Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden397Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden410Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden431think they were just a liiiiiittle bit excited? :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden436Kathryn walked out the church and we all heard her exclaim, “BEST WEDDING I’VE EVER BEEN TO!!” :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden445loved this image of Kathryn and her sweet grandmother!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden485thanks to Katie for grabbing these next two photos as they waited to exit the church:Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden488Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden496Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden502Kathryn is a first grade teacher and she had so many of her kiddos attend the ceremony. they were each so excited to see her after the ceremony that we had to take a photo! those two boys sword fighting with their streamers in the bottom left corner just might be my favorite ;)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden506Kathryn’s grandmother gave her her ring to wear as her something blue :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden527Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden545Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden575Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden585Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden600Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden607Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden613Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden621Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden624Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden629doesn’t everyone want a bunch of cows in the background of their wedding photos? :)Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden636Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden642Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden650Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden656Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden658Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden670love those smiles!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden673Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden682Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden688Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden689GAH Kathryn you are SO gorgeous! as soon as i took this i said “oooh my gosh, this is going in a frame on somebody’s desk!”Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden700Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden709the reception space at Shadow Creek is so stunning, and when everything came together with the flowers and centerpieces it was just to die for!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden721Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden745Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden758a few more fun reception details:Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden759Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden763Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden793Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden800i can’t say enough great things about the band they hired! Spectrum kept the whole party rocking and the dance floor absolutely packed all night! i want them at every wedding i shoot! if you’re considering a band for your wedding, i can’t recommend them enough!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden821love it when couples will sneak out for a few more portraits while everyone is finishing dinner!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden843Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden844Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden855Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden859Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden866Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden872Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden888Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden889Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden913Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden917y’all, it was a serious dance party!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden918Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden933Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden949Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden957Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden965Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1011Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1012Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1025Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1026Jonathan and Kathryn, i am beyond thankful to get to know and work with couples like you! you make me love this job of mine that much more! i can’t wait to have you both (and all those cute kids you’re going to have one day!) in front of my camera again! i adore you both!Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1035Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1036Shadow_Creek_Wedding_Purcellville_VA_Worden1059

Reception- Shadow Creek Weddings and Events, Purcellville VA
Ceremony- Bethany United Methodist Church
Wedding Gown- Martina Liana, Bijou Bridal
Florist- Event Studio
Hair Stylist- Amazing Occasions
Wedding Coordinator- Emily Canter
Band- Spectrum
Cake- Sugar Dust
Catering- Savoir Fare
Bridesmaids Dresses- Tevolio for Target
Grooms Suit- Hugo Boss
Invitations- designed by Davis Snedeker and printed by Wedding Paper Divas

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  2. Jessie,
    These photos are beautiful! You can feel the love and fun! What a great couple and great families. I was so happy to be a part of their big day and so very happy to see how perfectly you have captured the day for them.

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