Lauren: 18 months – Ashburn VA Family Portrait Photographer

“the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. she never existed before. the woman existed, but the mother, never. a mother is something absolutely new.”
– osho
Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer01it was such a treat to get to do some mommy&me portraits for Courtney and Lauren! the last time I saw Lauren we were celebrating her very first birthday, and this was a special session to document her sweet toddler personality and how much she adores her momma :) Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer03we met up for an early morning session, right during when Lauren typically eats breakfast, so we made a picnic out of it! she was thrilled to see that her momma had brought her favorite thing in the world… scrambled eggs! :)Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer09Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer14Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer18Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer19Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer22Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer25Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer27Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer29Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer38she was a little apprehensive of the swing at first, but very quickly learned to love it :)Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer39Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer42she is happiest right here in her momma’s arms!Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer43Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer46Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer48Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer51Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer58Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer59Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer61love this one of her getting her little belly button!Ashburn_VA_Family_Portrait_Photographer_Filer65bwHappy Wednesday!

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