Brian and Kate- Great Falls Park Engagement Portraits

“it was only a smile
but my heart it went wild
and i wasn’t expecting that
just a delicate kiss
anyone could have missed
  i wasn’t expecting that”
– jamie lawson Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan01Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan05look at Kate’s gorgeous ring! I’d never seen one with a blush color to it before, and OH my gosh it took my breath away!Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan08Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan10the soon to be Mr&Mrs Hogan :)Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan17Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan19these two were all kinds of fun to photograph :) couples that will play together are my favorite to photograph!Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan26Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan35Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan37i forget which game i asked them to play in this particular moment, but can’t you see the look of determination on kate’s face to win?! ;) Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan39Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan42whewwwww you two are gonna make some BEAUTIFUL babies one day! Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan43Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan44Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan47Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan48bwthen we headed over to Great Falls Park for a few more photos and some gorgeous scenery!Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan50Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan55Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan60Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan62Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan63Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan68Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan74Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan85Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan87Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan90and i’ll end with one more favorite! ;) Great_Falls_Park_Engagement_Session_Hogan105bwcan’t wait to have you both in front of my camera again at your gorgeous wedding next September! :) happy tuesday!

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  1. Connie Sandusky says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! This is a a gorgeous young pair and you captured them perfectly. Look forward to the wedding photos!

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