Landon: 7 Months – Arlington VA Family Photographer

“sometimes i forget what livings for
and i hear my life through my front door
and i’ll be there, oh i’m home again
i see my wife, my little boy, little girl
hello world”
– lady antebellum
Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner01this was my 3rd time photographing the Burner family, the first time was last fall and then again in the spring for Landon’s newborn portraits, and i couldn’t get over how much the kids have grown in just a few short months! especially when you go back and look at the photos from last fall! Avery has changed so much! Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner02Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner03Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner06Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner12Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner14Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner16Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner20these two giggling together completely made my day :)Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner27Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner28Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner31WHEW look at those baby blues!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner32Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner34this boy is already crawling everywhere and standing up like a champ at just 7 months old! safe to say I will be chasing him around next time i see him!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner38then we headed over to the park in search of some swings and pretty fall leaves!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner40Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner43Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner46Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner51this girl is so full of joy, one of the happiest kids I’ve met!Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner53love that little smirk! Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner57Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner64Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner65this was the first time Landon went down the slide, and I’m not sure who loved it more, him or Avery! she looked up at me when they got to the bottom and said “that was SO fun!” :)Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner68Arlington_VA_Photographer_Burner72thanks for having me over to play! ;) happy friday!

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