Meet William- Washington DC Family Photographer

“the power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”
― louisa may alcottWashington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell01this little man just celebrated his very first birthday, and we documented the occasion with his first ever portrait session! safe to say, the camera and I both adored him ;) Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell02Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell05Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell09he had been eyeing those balloons allllll day and was beyond THRILLED to finally get his hands on them!Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell27Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell28Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell31Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell33Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell35high fives all around!Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell37one of my favorites of their family :)Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell41Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell45Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell47Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell57Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell58baby snuggles are the very best! another favorite image for sure!Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell61and we ended the session with a few more photos in everyone’s favorite spot, their front porch swing!Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell67Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell68Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell71Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Cockrell76happy 1st birthday william!! :)

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