Jack: 2 Years – Great Country Farms Family Portraits

“i don’t know why all the trees change in the fall
i know you’re not scared of anything at all
i don’t know if snow white’s house is near or far away
but i know i had the best day
with you today.”
-taylor swift
Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Wait06the last time i saw this handsome boy was at his first birthday session, and now he’s getting ready to become a big brother! Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite01Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite02Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite08this needs to be in a frame somewhere. or in his senior yearbook. or both :)Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite13we spent the morning at Great Country Farms and i kept thinking “this is just a morning of all of Jack’s favorite things!” the tractor ride, his best stuffed buddy, and his two favorite people all to himself! what’s not to love! i think the tractor ride to the pumpkin field was a highlight for him for sure :)Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite16Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite18Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite22Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite25Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite26this little bear made an appearance at Jack’s 6 month portrait session too! Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite31Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite33we had the whole ride all to ourselves! one of my favorite images :)Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite34Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite37Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite40Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite50LOVE this one! my favorite favorite from their session :)Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite55Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite56and we fit in a few maternity portraits at the end of the session too! can’t wait to meet this little one in December! :)Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite57Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite58Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite66Loudoun_County_VA_Photographer_Waite67happy wednesday!

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