Emerson: One Year – Aldie VA Family Photographer

“… she had in her an indescribable passion for nurturing living things- me included. she saved my life. not because i was going to die, but because the life she helped me to live is more than I would have ever had without her.”
– tim coulsonAldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines01Emerson wins the award for being the happiest baby ever outside in 30 degree weather first thing in the morning ;) ahh the things we do for the best light! isn’t her little scrunchy nose smile the BEST?!Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines02Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines04aaaand sometimes family portraits with two little ones ends up looking a lot like this ;) Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines07Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines11love that shot on the left! she’s just getting brave enough to want to take a few steps on her own!Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines12Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines14Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines19Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines20Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines25Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines26Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines28Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines29she’s a pro at clapping those little baby hands!Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines32one of my favorites :) Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines35these two are good buds these days, in case you couldn’t tell, that face is parker serenading us and singing “in summeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!” Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines41Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines46Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines49Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines50Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines57Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines63Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines66this girl was allllll about some cake! Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines71Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines72happy 1st birthday sweet Emmie girl!Aldie_VA_Family_Photographer_Vines76You can go back and see her six month portrait session HERE and her newborn portrait session HERE!

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