Harrison: One Year – Leesburg VA Portrait Photographer

“take my hand, take my whole life too
for i can’t help falling in love with you”
– elvis presley
Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver02this blue eyed boy just celebrated his very first birthday!Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver05Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver07love that little cheesy grin :)Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver09Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver15Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver16Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver17Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver22somebody wasn’t a fan of hanging out by himself for a few photos :) Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver24Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver25Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver26Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver30Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver33Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver38Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver42Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver44Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver49Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver50Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver53Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver56Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver58we took a photo right here during their maternity session that nicole loved, and i’m so glad we were able to sort of re-create it one year later!Leesburg_VA_Photographer_Oliver60happy first birthday, little man!harrison oliver one yearyou can go back and see their other sessions from this past year too! Here are the links for their maternity portraits, newborn portraits, four month portraits, and eight month portrait session!

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