Jameson’s Birth Story- Loudoun Birthing Inn Photographer

“the moments of pain and the moments of joy are not as far apart as we may think.”
– ash parsons
1Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham01bbw copythis job of mine? it blows me away sometimes. the moments that i’m invited into are some of the most sacred we will experience. to document that moment when a bride and groom promise a covenant of forever before God and their families? such an privilege. to photograph a little one take some of their first wobbly steps towards their daddy? the absolute sweetest. but to be invited in as a couple bring their child into the world? it’s a different kind of holy moment, and the highest honor.

jameson made his mama work hard over the past week, with steady contractions each day. but when he did finally decide to come, he came quickly! i got a call at 1:45 that they were on their way to the natural childbirth center to get checked out, they broke her water around 3:00 since she had progressed enough, i walked in the door at 3:05, and jameson sarco bickham took his first breath at 3:42 on Christmas Day!! whew! anna did so beautifully, and had an incredible support team. i’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from her about the midwives at the natural childbirth center at inova loudoun hospital for years now!

when she first asked me to photograph jameson’s birth, she explained that she really wanted the focus to be on her husband jason. they have used the bradley method for all three of their children, and it really emphasizes the role of the husband as the coach and main source of support. she has always said how wonderful jason is during her labor and delivery, and since she’s (ahem) a little occupied, she wanted my perspective and to pay special attention to how her husband coached and supported her during the delivery. she told me after looking through the images that the candid, natural photos of jason were some of her favorites, and i completely agree!
Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham01b copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham02 copyone of my favorite shots of anna and jason, i love how she’s leaning into his hand. anna was truly so incredible from the moment i showed up.  like i mentioned jameson came so quickly once they broke her water and i’m sure it wasn’t easy, and yet that’s exactly how she made it seem. i was so blown away by her strength and calm spirit throughout the most active part of her labor. she was able to labor in the tub right up until it was time to push:Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham04 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham05 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham07 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham09 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham12 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham13 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham24 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham27 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham29 copyi love this shot of jason looking at his son for the first time:Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham32 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham43 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham44 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham46 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham47 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham52 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham54 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham56 copyis there anything better than baby yawns?!Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham65bw copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham67bw copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham72 copyhe finally weighed in at a whopping 8.58 pounds! their biggest baby yet!Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham73 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham77 copyand he nursed like a champ immediately!Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham79 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham81 copythis is margie, the midwife who has been there for 2 out of 3 of the bickham babies :) i could tell right away how much anna and jason love her, they really can’t say enough good things about the staff at the natural birth center!Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham82 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham84 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham88 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham89 copyintroducing anna’s family to the newest addition via skype :)Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham90 copylove those tiny toes!Leesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham99 copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham106bw copyLeesburg_VA_Birth_Photographer_Bickham108bw copythank you again for letting me document your best christmas yet :) it was an honor to say the very least! you can go back and see their maternity portraits HERE, and keep an eye out for jameson’s newborn portrait session soon!

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