Meet Jameson – Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

“it’s a place called home
full of love and family
and i’m there at the door
watching you come home to me”
– a christmas carol
Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham01remember this handsome little christmas baby from his birth story that i shared a couple weeks ago?  now i get to share his officially newborn session! his big sisters are completely smitten with him and truly can’t get enough! Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham02Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham03shelby has been patiently praying for and waiting for her baby brother for a looong time now, and it’s so sweet to see her so excited now that he’s finally here!Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham05she really is the best big sister :)Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham07bwLeesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham15bwLeesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham16Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham18Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham21Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham22Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham27Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham31Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham33shelby has also been begging for bunk beds and to share a room with harper for quite a while, so we made sure to sneak in a few photos of them in their new room together!Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham34Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham35Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham46Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham49Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham53Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham60this was the same hat that his daddy came home from the hospital in too!Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham66this little man, WHEW he made his parents and i really work for these sleepy baby photos! but they were so totally worth it! they all give in and sleep… eventually :) Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham67bwLeesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham68Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham72Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham75Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham76Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham80Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham82Leesburg_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Bickham86bwyou can go back and see their maternity portraits and definitely make sure you go back and view their birth story photos as well! happy friday!! :)

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