Hawaii 2016- Grand Wailea Resort Photographer

“look at that sea, girls–all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. we couldn’t enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.”
– l.m. montgomery, anne of green gablesGrand_Wailea_Resort_Photos01so, unless you are my mother, my grandmother, or one of my fabulous aunts, you could probably care less about this post! but if you are one of the above mentioned ladies, then keep scrolling! :) i’m not sure how i ended up in a family that hates photos/having their photo taken, but i used alllllll my powers of pleading and persuasion to get them to agree to 20 minutes of updated family pictures one evening before dinner! success!! hey when you’re all in the same place, and have maui as a backdrop, you take full advantage of the situation! :)  ps- isn’t my grandpa the cutest? i think he was making friends with the koi fish :)Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos02Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos05Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos06Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos09Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos12Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos13Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos19Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos22Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos23Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos24don’t be fooled, she jumped up on her tiptoes REAL quickly ;)Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos26Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos28the best grandmas ever! we love you both!
Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos30Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos35Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos36Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos37Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos45Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos48Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos58Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos60Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos62Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos65Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos67Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos71Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos75Grand_Wailea_Resort_Photos79happy tuesday! :)

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  1. melanie avjean says:

    Your fabulous aunt is very grateful! These are precious! Thanks for sharing!

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